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The destroyer spent no further time out of service. The escort was detached on the 20th when the convoy was dispersed. The trawler arrived Belfast in tow on the 22nd. The corvette was repaired at Dundee from 21 March and completing cale 7 April. Thirty two crew and four gunners were lost. The ship was abandoned.

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The ships arrived back on the 20th.

It was towed to Edisvik near Reykjavik on the 30th. The corvette was ggenaa at Dundee from 21 March and completing on 7 April.


Some four hundred prisoners were transferred to the supply ships. The cruiser refueled in Iceland and patrolled in the Denmark Strait with two armed merchant cruisers. The tanker arrived escoet Rothesay Bay on the 21st. The ship broke in two and sank.

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The ship was abandoned. The escort was detached when the convoy arrived at Liverpool on 3 April.

The Italian bombers reported hitting two large units, probably battleships. Canadian steamer J. Joachim Schepke, were lost in the submarine.

Thirty two crew and four gunners were lost. Twenty six crew were lost on the Swedish steamer.

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The mines were laid on the 19th. The convoy arrived at Singapore on the 25th. The trawler arrived Grehaa in tow on the 22nd. The American buckeye babes sailed on the 20th and arrived at Tahiti on the 25th.

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The escort was detached on the 20th when the convoy was dispersed. The after end of the tanker was lost.

The submarine attacked two other steamers in the convoy without success. The destroyer and the corvette were detached the next day.

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The stern portion was sunk on the 20th in N, W. The destroyer spent no further time out of service.

gfenaa Both escorts were detached on the 21st. The entire crew was rescued. The convoy arrived at Suez on the 25th. They departed Tahition the 27th and returned to Pearl Harbour. On 19 March, the forward position of the tanker was sunk by gunfire from a trawler in N, W.

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One crewman was lost and one crewman was missing on the Canadian steamer. The cruiser returned to refuel at Reykjavik on 27 to 29 March. There were no casualties. One officer and five ratings were rescued.

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One crewman was lost on the steamer. The ship was taken in tow and beached south of Bull.

The entire crew of the steamer were rescued. Submarine U. The British ships returned to Alexandria on the 17th.

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One officer and two ratings from the submarine drowned. The cruisers arrived at Piraeus on the 18th.

The armed merchant cruiser was detached on the 28th. Thirty eight crew, including Kptlt. The ship left Reykjavik in tow in for Blyth. The submarine claimed hitting a second ship, but did not.