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Jade hsu escort

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Jade hsu escort

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Jade has related to me that she is not going to do anymore films for major porn studios and will concentrate amazing escorts charlottetown performing for private videos and dancing at the Valley Ball in the San Fernando Valley. This is jads travesty that a woman who has been in hssu biz this long is bailing out. I'm surprised that Jade has done that many films too. More than are even noted on the web. IAFD probably has the most up to date videography.

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I directed the content all via e-mail from my home.

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She had never met me before or even knew what I looked like. She's not interested, she totaled a similar car in December of and this is what she wants. I just hope she doesn't do something dramatic.

She mentioned she was going to try and stop his use of her images, but as usual didn't follow through. I also fed her doggie, reverse cowgirl and cowgirl.

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She's 24 and can be impatient. Jadee I may do is get everything set up, have her come here for the shoot and then afterwards relate that I am unable to do this for her. I just wish there was something I could do to help her change her career and re-focus on her life besides monetary compensation. She wants this car.

She blew her load on my face twice in this position. She still needs to generate more money for the downpayment and said that eros escorts clinton iowa would be willing to do another shoot with me etc I think that if she did come to stay with me for awhile we would be able to brainstorm ideas for her to pursue.

She is considering having sex with me again and also asked me what type of content I want to do for our next shoot, which I'm still at a loss to determine. The next day we did our shoot.

He told me 3 years ago before I met Jade that this was her official endorsed site. Jade lives in Ontario, California.

Do you think it would be in my best interest to put myself in this position with her and co-? Her ex-boyfriend is sscort a manipulative game with her. Jade related to me that if I did do this for her she would shoot 3 hours of film with me.

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Jade, depending on her mood can be somewhat lame sexually. She loves to smoke weed, she drinks very moderately and that's about it.

She may nude beach near tampa coming to stay with me for a couple of weeks next month to regroup and shoot with me again. I feel sorry for this woman. She really does enjoy dancing which I know she is still pursuing. Because she has no transportation of her own and has to kow tow to her ex-boyfriend to get around, she now wants to purchase her own vehicle. Any suggestions gentlemen?

jade hsu escort

I've shown her the membership count on her 7 yahoo groups, over 10, hottest framingham escort. Once my face is between her legs I forget all about it though. She's been in the business now for bsu 5 years and really knows no other way to generate income. The vid was shot by Red Ezra. My feeling is that the only reason Jade is even dealing with me in the first place is she knows my jadf, because I'm a fan, and wants the money.

In her case she has picked and chosen which studio's and director's she wants to work with. Escoet very first time I met Jade she and I had spoken on the phone a few times. When you refer to Jenna Jameson and others who have there own studio's and production company's that is where there making the real money, the sales of the video's. Unfortunately she didn't win.

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Jade hsu escort

She hasn't reduced herself to anything. She related her gratitude in having me doing this for her would be considerable. She has many ideas that I have discussed with her. Even though I have esccort Jade a few times, I am still a fan who wants to help her out. She's actually very shy at times.

Look at it this way, at least she's not standing on a street corner selling her ass in LA. I know she has a desire to become an entrepeneur. The esckrt must be completely out of his mind to cheat on someone as austrian babes and as gorgeous as Jade.

Based on the fact that we had developed a rapport on the phone, she loved my chronic and I treated her with respect I was happy I invested in her services. Her ex has moved in with her again esxort is trying to manipulate her life.

She stopped seeing him because one night she came home after working last summer to find him in their bed with a "welfare ho". I think in Veronica Lynn's case, she's only 21, and has alot of time left to pursue and set up her own production company and benefit from a smart business plan. I know Jade did not work from December of 03 until July of I know she's never kendale lakes trans escorts in the t and I don't think her tat's are prison tat's.

As I said before she is really unaware of how marketable she is. She's really a very intelligent woman even though eescort times she comes off like a space case. She told me she is tired of having sex with strangers.