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He was later released to I. Harris was later released to Arkansas officials.

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As a result of the investigation Gonzales was arrested and charged with Public Intoxication and Disorderly Conduct.

There were four occupants in the vehicle. It was determined after some investigation that Villalpando was giving a false identity.

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Deputies detained Hannon and confirmed the warrants. The warrants were a result of investigations into the Possession of Child Pornography by Valencja Stephanie Brown. While serving the warrants, 41 year old Cody Ray Odom was arrested on outstanding warrants for ten counts of Possession of Child Pornography.

Perez was also intoxicated and it was discovered that he was in possession of multiple forms of fraudulent identification including a Texas ID Card, fake Social Security card and a fake Permanent Resident card. Mclean was later released on a PR Bond.

During the investigation it was learned that three of the occupants were over 21 but one was not. Burleson was arrested on the outstanding Brown County warrant and several new drug charges.

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Norton remains in the Mills County Jail as Bond has been denied. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 59 year old Jimmy Gomez. One of the passengers in the vehicle was identified as 57 year old Lozaro Gerardo Elizondo Perez. The caller was able to give a good description of the vehicle. Basulto was transported back to the Mills Escor Jail.

During the investigation and a consensual search Deputies located Drug Paraphernalia which tested positive for Cocaine and a quantity of THC concentrate. Gonzales was released several days later after sitting out his fines.

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Deputies also knew the person with Hannon identified as 26 year old Dallas Roy Burleson. When Deputies arrived they found 37 year old Patrick Gonzales in the back yard of the residence drunk and very agitated.

All four were later released on bond. The vehicle was located a short time later on Parker Street.

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During the detention several items of drug paraphernalia along with quantities of Methamphetamine and Cocaine were located on Hannons person. During a consent search of Gomez vehicle Deputies located a quantity of Methamphetamine and Marijuana.

Deputies located the vehicle and conducted a traffic stop modie Hwy 84 East. The driver of the vehicle was identified as 46 year old Rafael Villalpando along with a passenger identified as 24 year old Gabriel Lee Garcia and another passenger. Deputies knew Hannon had multiple outstanding arrest warrants from Mills County.

Jones remains incarcerated. He was later released to I. Both remain in the Mills County Jail. Harris was later released to Arkansas officials.

Villalpando originally gave Deputies the name Rafael Garcia. She was later released to the US Marshalls Office.

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Hannon was arrested on her outstanding warrants and multiple new drug charges. Deputies discovered that all of the occupants were consuming alcohol. The driver of the vehicle, 26 year old Joshua Miguel Olivarri, was found to be intoxicated.