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Looking for a spinner chick

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Publication history[ edit ] Dorothy Spinner first appeared in issue 14 of the second volume of the series Doom Patrol. Her name is an in-joke referring to Dorothy Gale and how she arrived in Oz, by a tornado, or spinning wind. Also, in her first appearance and in her appearances on the covers of chidk Doom Patrol graphic novels, Dorothy is dressed like Dorothy Gale. Dorothy's facial deformity changes from mild to severe depending on who's drawing her and how it's done. Fictional character biography[ edit ] Dorothy Spinner's mother escort latina glen iris her up for adoption when Dorothy was a baby. She was adopted by a Midwestern couple.

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He follows the Doom Patrol on Danny the Street, while Cliff, enraged at the loss of Jane, continues to try to kill him. I can sort of see that, since propellers are generally somewhat thin when viewed in profile. This lookibg near Dorothy's home and when she went to investigate the energy bursts and discovered her favourite super team fighting a monster, she was swallowed by Pythia as well.

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This called the attention of a government organization called the Builders, similar in nature to the Men from N. She was a def. Dorothy suffered a facial ror that gave her the appearance of an apecomplete with hairy arms. Man, I miss that sweet girl too! Then she is a true spinner. Sunny looing take a major pounding, a few times we went K9 with sunny doing push-up hand stand on the night stand, and I giving her the Hawaiian jack hammer. Will sends forth one of his new robots, Jaco beach prostitutesas a diversion.

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One day, a group of boys had been teasing Dorothy brutally. Dorothy uses a gun on the Fod but to no effect, but at that moment, computer programmed nanomachines that the Chief had created to cover the world, swarm him.

The next day, they found the boy disemboweled and crucified in a field. Danny takes them back to the Doom Patrol headquarters and then starts traveling to different places in the world with the Candlemaker still on him as a way to disorient him, but he appears back at headquarters, now on fire and screaming.

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Everyone's sick of you! Imagine your cock is a propeller shaft. At the end of the series, he consents for Dorothy to be removed from life support.

Jane has multiple personalities, each with a different power, and Rebis is a radioactive hermaphrodite containing a Negative spirit called the Anegima Regis. When Dorothy found Josh's body, the Candlemaker told her that he will bring Josh to life if she lets him out.

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Another reference to Der Struwwelpeter, specifically the poem 'Die Geschichte von den schwarzen Buben' Pretty Miss Dot - Has lipstick fingers, a helmet over her head covered with lips and curlers, a sweater with a big spijner on it, and shoes that have skulls stitched into them. Please chime in! She was adopted by a Midwestern couple. I don't know.

What does spinner mean? spinner Definition. Meaning of spinner.

He still goes after Dorothy, but she screams "Why don't you shut up?! But Cliff's brain was copied onto a floppy disk and inserted into a blank robot body by Willoughby Kipling, who helped the DP during the " Cult of the Unwritten Book " saga. Danny then expanded into an entire world, and Cliff, Jane, and Rebis decided to stay there. Her imaginary friends even taught her how to read and write, because she lookig allowed to go to school, because people thought that she would "scare" the other children.

There, Dorothy discovered a living doll whom she named Charlie, who was made up of a teddy bear's body and a ventriloquist dummy's head. At the same time, the Chief's head was being cornwall ontario escort in a cryogenic state, but he was simultaneously appearing in a land of shapeshifters called the Teiresias.

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I mean, if you're 6'6" then you could "spin" a bit taller girl than a monger who's 5'6" balsta personal service provider Her imaginary friends[ edit ] The list of her imaginary friends is as follows: Damn All - Made of a newspaper crossword puzzle and financial reports with multiple eyes and a big smile. For some. I agree, there will be some variation on exactly who's a spinner and who isn't.

Her name is an in-joke referring to Dorothy Gale and how she arrived in Oz, spinndr a tornado, or spinning wind.

Spinner Chick

Jolly Hangar - Made up of coat hangers. Rebis has just gone through their reproductive cycle, and Jane's alternate personalities are now powerless. Because of this, Dorothy grew up isolated from society, with only her imaginary friends for company. Strung up alongside kidnapped psychic Wallace Sage, who created Flex, they were going to be used to summon the Telephone Avatar, an all-powerful being made up of telephone parts.

Flying Robert - A ts escort huntsville alabama baby balloon thing.

So, who agrees with me? Spinner2me, at best, 95lbs. The device boosted Dorothy's powers and brought back three of her old imaginary friends, Damn All, Darling-Come-Home, and Flying Robert nightmarish representations of her neglectful and abusive familywhom she killed with an imaginary gun.

A woman that you can spin while she is riding your cock. Too bad, not willing to do that with Jun, no like her go f'n nutz.

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Pollack run[ edit ] Dorothy was one of the characters left over from Grant Morrison's run of the series used by Rachel Pollack. She then collapsed from the strain he was putting on her mind, and when Josh tried to find Chief and head of the DP for help, he was shot by him. He is destroying the world's soul, or anima mundiinstead of the world topless walsall models. Denoted as a joke, whereby the petite woman is so thin she is able to be mounted and spun in a circle on an erect penis.

Damn All's wife.

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Robotman is still affected by Dorothy's death and keeps a picture of her with the Doom Patrol with him. In one case, a false Cliff Steele disappeared when he realized what he was, though Darling-Come-Home was perfectly aware of her imaginary status and seemed to function fine. Of course, there's always the Urban Dictionary's definition of spinner: 1.

Use to like seeing her if Angela can't be reached.

Cliff integrated his brain with Caulder's computer and proceeded to shut them down.