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Looking for informaition on t c

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Looking for informaition on t c

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What is the need for CIQ specifications? Who should use CIQ Specifications? Who should be involved in the development of CIQ Specifications? Who will benefit from this work and how? Any organization that is planning to define a common standard for party information across its various lines of business and its various applications.

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If a user wants to just use free text address lines and a few of the address entities e. Definitely not.

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But organizations often end up storing name and address data in many different formats specific to the applications and hence, are unable to integrate different applications to meet business needs e. What are the criteria and business value to an organization for selecting CIQ over the other similar standards in defining vor organizations baseline architecture? For example, a user can just decide to use CIQ Specification for defining party name only and ignore the rest.

Industry independent. Why do I want to represent the party data in parsed format?

Postal addressing, human resources, health, billing, shipping, purchasing, travel. This is the reason why it was decided in CIQ V3. Any organization that is planning to define a common standard for party information across its various lines of business and its various applications. CIQ specifications have been deed with the above formula in mind.

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Enumeration lists provide the semantics to the data and is customisable by users. I feel that CIQ Specifications are very rich to handle complex name and address structures. The optimal way to interoperate name and address data is to store the name ffor address information in a common format that can be applied or reused across different applications.

Yes, definitely. If your organization wants to use name and address standard that can be extended to other party information e. Version 3.

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This is precisely what CIQ standards have been defined for and this is why it is flexible to store simple user registration data e. Is version 3.

For example, take address specification xAL. CIQ TC is committed to collaborative work. Parsed data helps in performing data validation infirmaition matching against reference data or any other data sets.

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It is hard to collaborate politically, but it is easier lookig. Earlier versions forced those countries to use these concepts defined in CIQ specifications though they are not semantically correct.

I want something that provides a simple representation of name and address. But version 3.

The difference is:

Global terrorism and crime is another major issue and one way of dealing with it is to exchange the right information at the right time looking for a nice beautiful woman the right place in the right format and in the right context between the appropriate loking, and CIQ Specification provides the opportunity to exchange lookign related data here, terrorists and criminal related data in a standard dor consistent manner.

Let us say, for example, in an organization or a government sector, there are many applications dealing common data such as name and address. Numerous use of the specification all over the world has been reported and any feedbacks provided have been used to improve the specifications. Yes, you do not need to break your data elements to atomic elements to use CIQ schemas.

Who should use CIQ Specifications?

CIQ TC continues to strive hard all these years to foster alignment with other similar standard initiatives. CIQ V3. Yes, there are many. No, version 3.

Advisory Board for the tekom Europe International TC Award

CIQ is speaking and has spoken to many foor and most of the time. One cannot fully automate interoperability without some agreement e. Earlier versions of CIQ specifications made it harder for countries to implement CIQ that is semantically correct in terms of the "terms" used. CIQ TC has initiated this process.

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Why did you decide to release a new version 3. If you are required to understand the semantics of party data and ensure that the quality of party data is managed, you need to parse the party data and represent them in parsed format. Extensive research work and involvement of address management experts and contributions from end user community huge tits escorts the TC to produce this work.

However, to enable clean interoperability of your data elements, it is advised to break to unparsed data elements into atomic elements which add semantics to fo data elements. This is what CIQ specifications achieve.