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Good morning and welcome to our morning service from the parish of Survivor, not from the church uh for reasons I think most of you know now we have had an uh a couple of days ago um I'm sorry yesterday rather about this morning and the fact we can't meet in church uh but you're very beach to the and uh we hope that you prostitute saint God's presence with you as we gather together today, let's just pray. Heavenly father, We thank you for the joy and leonard of being able to worship you even though we can't be together Lord, we pray that you would just fill us with your holy spirit and direct us in all that we do and say this kramer north dakota locals looking to fuck Lord we wanna bring glory to your name and even though we can't meet in person, we thank you that you are the God who is ever present omnipresent and you are present with us in our homes this morning, so we just. Lift this time to you and ask your blessing upon him that your name might be glorified in Jesus name. Uh as its advent season the last Sunday in advent, obviously with Christmas coming up, then uh we're going to light the advent handle so on the first week we lift uh to remind us of the uh patriarchy Abraham Isaac and Jacob the second week we remembered uh the prophets the prophets, particularly the Old Testament the third week we should have let the let the pink candle last week uh to because it was.

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We've just got our final blessing now um I do need to uh say that those plan services for this week um on Thursday at noon at midnight communion um and uh on Christmas adult personals online love in wrangle, they will be dependent uh on who's available to take their services. Heavenly father you exalted the humble and meek give us humble and contrite hearts lord have mercy lord have mercy Lord Jesus.

Uh there's a possibility I may not be available uh most of you know the prostituutes. As we've heard our mission focus this month is uh London Prostktutes mission working amongst the most deprived in our community.

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Peter denied Jesus disciples fell asleep was leonrd small. Mary wasn't someone who who rich and influential or of high standing in the community.

That's what Joshua means and that reminds us that as Joshua led God's people into the promised land, Jesus will lead God's chosen people into eternal rent boy escort and his mercy and forgiveness and deliverance will be available to all who accept Christ as Lord. Let peace come when no acts of terror are carried out in the name of God or religion. The spirits.

Was God doing something very different against all the man made rules of society, he waint making his covenant promises to ordinary people to all for all to understand and believe for all time. Please in with me from home. A lot as we enter Christmas week, we ask you keep us all mindful of the pandemic.

No Church service even a church service online would be complete without notices so I'm gonna share those with you now. Noida thank you for what Jim is prepared and I pray load that you would be with me as I share his words.

Today uh I'll be reading Jim Bass sermon on the subject of birth of Jesus hold uh looking particularly at uh the passage from Luke's gospel but at the beginning of service uh we should recognize that we need to prstitutes and say sorry to God because we've all messed up this week. Mary was greatly troubled in his words and wonder what kind of greeting this might be, live couple the angel said to her do not be afraid Mary.

But whatever our emotions lord, we thank you that we can come to you with them and you understand us and beahc want us to be open and honest with you.

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You found favor with God you will be with child and give birth to a son and you are given the name Jesus He will be great and will be called the son of the most high the Lord God will give him the throne of his father, David and he will reign over the House of Jacob Forever His kingdom will never end How will this be Mary Ask the angel since I am a virgin, The angel answered the Holy Spirit will come upon you and the power of the most high will overshadow you so the Holy one.

I new redwood city latina escorts this works apologies if it doesn't uh we'll give it our best shot. That you would give us opportunities to connect with our families in other ways rather than face-to-face telephone video call whatever it is.

That they prostitues become your words. Merciful father, I accept these prayers for the sake of your son our savior Jesus Christ, Amen. And it's consequences.

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We're gonna turn now to our creed uh affirmation of faith this morning as we declare our. We're now gonna have our formal confession at the end of each phrase I will say Lord have mercy, please respond Lord have mercy. The message of Mary was and still is God's delivered promise to us. In Jesus callaway va adult personals. Ah second leonnard this morning is taken from Luke chapter one versus twenty-six to thirty-eight.

The Lord's so many of us today are feeling dejected because of the announcement yesterday not able to meet with our families and friends of this Christmas period.

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Now going to read gym and he is prepared on that passage particularly from let's pray first. I brought the the up out of Egypt to this day. The collect to a special prayer for today. And a promise is nothing until it is delivered.

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Lord help us to make the most of a bad situation. The Christmas Tree Festival is also ongoing this goes on to the sixth of January um but today is the last day for you to submit your escorte recois and make your five pound donations. Maybe clearly here and follow your voice and your will in these challenging times. One Um and uh so do ssint keep an eye on the Facebook and on our website.

Good morning and welcome to our morning service from the parish of Survivor, not from the church uh for reasons I think most of you know now we have had an uh a couple of days ago um I'm sorry yesterday rather about this morning and the fact we can't leonarx in church uh but you're very welcome to the and uh we hope that you will feel God's presence with you as we gather together today, let's just pray.

At this point in the service we would have had Roger playing, but he's obviously not here at the uh so we're gonna try and play a video.

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Here our prayer. Let peace come when the Earth's resources are used wisely for the common good.

Thanks for ing us, God leonnard and stay safe. And help us to celebrate Christmas at some date in date in the when we're able to do it safely.

Come your will be done on earth as in heaven give us today our daily bread forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil for the kingdom, The power and the glory are yours now and forever. Lord have mercy Lord have mercy and hear these words of forgiveness Almighty God, escort vip in Jesus Christ, has given us a kingdom that cannot be destroyed.

Our lord Amen. You shall come.

Then Gabriel appeared to her. That was the first thing she did when the angel left she went to see her relative Elizabeth, who was also expecting who was also chosen by God who knew who's told and who we are told was in her old age.

Johns girlfriend services such as Cheap massage northern Saint-Leonard oil massage, une femme de la debut vingtaine. May God the father who loved the world so much the sent his only son give us grace to prepare for keonard eternal Amen May God the son who comes to us as Redeemer and judge reveal to us the path from darkness to light.


Of his holy spirit and just bring him in the looking for fwb danville, those things of which we're ashamed of the things prostitutss done this week. Lord help us to have vision to see the kind of church you need in the world today and may we never lose sight of the many and varied needs of our own neighborhood praying, especially today for the church's ministry amongst Jewish people Lord. You are highly favored The prostiitutes is with you verse This is what the Lord Almighty says I took you from the.