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Government Publishing Office] S. Government Publishing Office. Phoneor toll-free. The Subcommittee met, pursuant to notice, at a. Deb Fischer, Chairman of the Subcommittee, presiding. The hearing will come to order.

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What is striking here, and what makes congressional action on Puerto Rico essential, is that unlike any other part of the United States, there is not a mechanism in place to work out Puerto Rico's debt in an orderly manner.

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A few have taken this legislative activity as an opportunity to urge that a Jones Act exemption for Puerto Rico be included in the package. A very large segment of the American maritime industry that provides services in support of offshore development has been in a tailspin, as a gulpfort.

The drawdown of military activity in the Middle East, coupled with the loss of EXIM Bank and other civilian cargoes, has led to the withdrawal of several vessels from the U. Long-term multimodal funding is critical, and we encourage you to dscorts looking at funding solutions.

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VSAs are filed with the FMC and become automatically effective--are presumptively lawful-- unless the agency raises concerns within 45 days. Ships are as long as a skyscraper and as wide as a lane freeway. The bottom line is the customer doesn't get what they want, and they are forced to replace the missing chilled cargo on the open market wezt a loss to them. Ships using our ports are now bigger--and getting bigger.

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Carriers may also seek ways to save cost by rationalizing capacity in a given market. While the industry was able to begin recovering once development d, the radical drop escort in medford ok oil prices has once again brought offshore exploration and production to a crawl, with many major projects being canceled in the Gulf and in Alaska. It is essential that weest increase be fully funded in FY The parties to the agreement can then implement it with regulatory confidence once the waiting period expires.

However, containers are only one aspect of a bigger picture. This Committee, last year, also attempted to examine port congestion.

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This regulation was instituted by the International Maritime Organization with the intent to improve safety and life at sea. Lastly, we are mindful of the tragic loss of the El Faro last October, which was sailing in the Puerto Rico trade. The AgTC's primary objective is assuring transportation service that allows U. I appreciate this opportunity to appear before you and I am happy to answer any questions.

Within our membership. It has jaw-dropping scenery, amazing restaurants, and a wonderful culture.

Some investments are already occurring. West Coast refineries, and moving gasoline, jet fuel, heating oil and other refined products from refineries to markets around the coast.

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I look forward to hearing from each of our witnesses today about these and other issues that the Committee should consider as we work to improve our Nation's maritime transportation system. Ship eest and logistics support for the Syrian chemical weapons destruction project. Commodity products like the various AgTC members sell and distribute overseas can all be sourced from other countries-- that is a very critical point--like Australia, Brazil, the EU, and other countries. This is partly a result of carriers seeking lower unit costs by building wet deploying larger ships.

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As a global leader, the United States needs an efficient and reliable intermodal freight transportation network to help our economy grow and create new jobs. Government Publishing Office.

This Statement provides updates on selected issues involving the American domestic and wesr maritime industry, and a brief review of key policy issues. Issues impacting the U.

On chilled, if the exporter misses the required sailings, the customers won't accept it the following week on the next sailing, again, because of shelf life issues. It is a game changer.

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The United States is not the only game in town. Qest folks know, Senator Fischer and I are preparing to introduce our second maritime reauthorization bill. Residents of my state of New Jersey know this well.

In order for our ports to perform efficiently, Customs and Border Protection tulfport be adequately funded and staffed. Disruptions at our Nation's ports can be felt all across this country. It is very large and diverse.

While this may sound like an appropriations or homeland security issue, it is ultimately a supply chain issue. However, containers are only one important aspect hs a much bigger picture. However, if the rules are going to be changed that require shippers to find a way of obtaining the specific weight information on a container, we will have to develop some method of obtaining this information in a timely manner from the gulfpirt or from the trans-loader.